About Us

El Asador Steakhouse is located in Southwest Detroit. We take a new approach to Mexican Cuisine. We believe that good food is an ingredient in itself, and it should be treated with awe and love. So, expect each portion you are served to be made from scratch, and to have a shelf life of no more than two days, starting the count from the moment we receive it. We don't even own a freezer. We consume locally. We consume responsibly.

indoor table setting

The Mural

The mural painted on the Southern wall of the restaurant was painted in May 2015 by Marka27 (Victor Quiñonez), a renowned East Coast artist. The "Deity of Southwest Detroit," according to Quiñonez represents a "deity or saint type of character, not necessarily with an religious intention, but just so it is giving off that vibe that it is there to protect Southwest Detroit." Read more about Marka27's take on this vibrant mural, and you can follow him on Instagram @marka_27.